The Union unites Impractical Laborers across the land and around the world by hosting a virtual gathering place, and, together with the Research Institute, organizing events and opportunities. Current Union members automatically reveive new issues of the ILSSA Quarterly as they are published. All who identify with the ILSSA Mission are welcome to join.


On a sunny morning in the spring of 2008, ILSSA was founded by two friends stopped outside a German doughnut shop, on their way to visit Rural Studio.

Local 347 Shop FS is Bridget Elmer, in St. Petersburg Florida, where she is rebuilding her Craftsmen Superior platen press, tuning up her '66 GMC flatbed truck, and retrofitting open source philosophy to book technologies. Local 917 Shop RC is Emily Larned, living in Lordship & working in Bridgeport Connecticut, where she is fitting as much type as possible into the bed of her Vandercook, firing up a '05 Risograph, growing and cooking vegetables, and knitting.


Members are encouraged to contact their neighbors and host impromptu, regional events. Skill-sharing over homebrew, anyone?

Alabama Arizona California Colorado Connecticut
Local 256 Shop MF
Local 205 Shop LL
Local 410 Shop RS
Local 520 Shop KZ
Local 520 Shop SE
Local 253 Shop BDL
Local 415 Shop AW
Local 415 Shop RLD
Local 415 Shop SP
Local 510 Shop LD
Local 510 Shop TM
Local 585 Shop KM
Local 622 Shop GCS
Local 707 Shop FBP
Local 804 Shop MW
Local 303 Shop IOCS
Local 719 Shop MFB
Local 719 Shop NLP
Local 970 Shop FIP
Local 970 Shop JB
Local 203 Shop LC
Local 203 Shop MEZ
Local 402 Shop MMP
Local 727 Shop EB
Local 770 Shop MM
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Local 860 Shop RP
Local 860 Shop TT
Local 912 Shop SH
Local 914 Shop ND
Local 917 Shop RC
Local 917 Shop SE
Local 917 Shop UR
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Local 312 Shop LP
Local 773 Shop MCB
Local 773 Shop SOTO
Local 847 Shop "M"
Local 872 Shop MP
Indiana Iowa Louisiana Maine Maryland
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Local 319 Shop MM
Local 716 Shop AKJ
Local 504 Shop SFP
Local 504 Shop SW
Local 973 Shop PS
Local 585 Shop PN
Local 717 Shop WP
Local 205 Shop SSP
Local 410 Shop MW
Local 650 Shop SK
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nevada
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Local 334 Shop EH
Local 410 Shop ES
Local 413 Shop 29P
Local 413 Shop CC
Local 413 Shop CFT
Local 413 Shop GB
Local 413 Shop ME
Local 512 Shop 2DT
Local 614 Shop AK
Local 617 Shop ESW
Local 617 Shop PP
Local 860 Shop MCJA
Local 517 Shop MSLC
Local 616 Shop BBS
Local 734 Shop MP
Local 734 Shop RLB
Local 612 Shop AWA
Local 612 Shop KR
Local 612 Shop MCBA
Local 831 Shop QXIZ
Local 573 Shop PP
Local 406 Shop ABG
New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio
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Local 603 Shop JESPF
Local 225 Shop PP
Local 267 Shop SPPB
Local 646 Shop KL
Local 856 Shop CD
Local 908 Shop AP
Local 205 Shop XXP
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Local 315 Shop HRB
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Local 347 Shop SN
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Local 585 Shop HB
Local 585 Shop KC
Local 585 Shop MC
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Local 585 Shop PD
Local 585 Shop SEA
Local 585 Shop VB
Local 630 Shop AR
Local 646 Shop IP
Local 646 Shop KO
Local 716 Shop AG
Local 718 Shop CE
Local 718 Shop HN
Local 718 Shop RSK
Local 718 Shop TS
Local 718 Shop UDP
Local 773 Shop MR
Local 845 Shop EG
Local 845 Shop JGN
Local 857 Shop SRL
Local 914 Shop SHB
Local 917 Shop HC
Local 917 Shop JB
Local 925 Shop CS
Local 704 Shop RTS
Local 828 Shop AC
Local 828 Shop BW
Local 828 Shop CLP
Local 828 Shop HCP
Local 828 Shop JF
Local 828 Shop ME
Local 828 Shop PWW&T
Local 917 Shop SO
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Local 717 Shop REH
Local 734 Shop SBS
Local 740 Shop M
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Tennessee
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Local 314 Shop EMS
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Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
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Local 206 Shop RH
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